Thoughts From the Founder

I started Portfolio Showcase, which became known as Portbox due to our Instagram handle, nine years ago. Since day one, I have always thought about contributing to the art community substantially and sustainably. The answers weren't still easy; sometimes, they weren't even productive. But, they led me to some of the most beautiful souls and allowed me to connect with them without language. I am grateful for that. 


This year, the whole world has taken a hit, and when I saw all my upcoming projects across film and podcasting shutting down along with the rest of the world--I saw the community hurt across the spectrum. Finally, I was able to answer the question that I have long been thinking about. How do I make a substantial contribution to an artist's life? 


I wish to make art accessible without ever underplaying an artist. For me, accessibility has nothing to do with pricing. It's about bringing more and more artists onto a platform where they can present their deepest core to the world--through their art. Together, I know we will achieve that goal.


After years of curating at Portbox or The Portfolio, whatever you want to call it, the answer leads me to this. A gallery curated by me, featuring the artists I love, the images I love, and sharing all of it with the world. Not just to showcase, but to take home. That's where a piece of art belongs. 


I welcome you to join me on this journey and explore our collections of Limited Edition fine-art prints.


In loving oneness,


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