Catia Simoes, Fine-Art Photography Prints

"I cannot express myself in any other way, it is through photography that I express my feelings. Even feelings that I have never talked about or plan to talk about. Therefore, each picture has a very big meaning for me. It’s personal, other people may never experience these feelings. They are pure and honest, so I think it really is important that these photographs remain and reflect my journey in the most honest way possible." 

-Catia Simões, during our conversation.

Catia Simões (b. 1989) graduated with Law in 2015. Born in Brazil, she says that in photography, she found the purest way to express herself without a word, just through self-portraits and intimate photoshoots with friends. She believes that photography can be intensely therapeutic, and helps her heal her anxieties. With her images, she creates a romance between light and shadows to create depth that can be felt by all who have a chance to view it. Being truthful to herself, Catia continues to create images that help her navigate life's challenges and anxieties. Her photographs account for finding harmony and intimacy with oneself.