Filippo Giani, Born in Cremona, Italy, in 1995, spent his formative years in Tuscany, where his family relocated shortly after his birth.  At age 17, he found the opportunity to complete his studies in the US as part of an exchange program, which brought him to Chicago, where he obtained his diploma. Filippo later relocated to Germany to enroll in a business program but dropped out quickly and moved to the United Kingdom to pursue his dream of being a Visual Artist. There he received a Bachelor of Arts in Practical Filmmaking in 2016, with a major in Directing and a minor in Sound Design. 

The following year, Filippo purchased his first still camera and started experimenting with pictures. He is currently working on long-term personal projects, both audiovisual and photographic
in nature. A selection of photographs from his ongoing series "Midnight" are available as fine-art photographic prints at our gallery. 

Press: Plain Magazine, Nowhere Diary

Exhibition(s): Downtown Arts Collective (Orlando, Florida) - 2018