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In "Inertia," the artist embodies the quiet tension between stillness and motion. Photographed at dawn in Las Vegas, Nevada, the dimly lit urban passage reflects the contemplative state of being rooted in place amidst life's constant flow. This visual narrative is crafted with the open road stretching ahead, untraveled and beckoning. It mirrors the human condition of pausing at the crossroads of life—held captive not by the absence of choice, but by the gravity of routine and the comfort of the known.


Signed & Numbered. Made with archival materials.


*The prints come with a 3" white border for matt framing. 


Ships unframed. Contact mad@waytoomad for bespoke framing.

  • Handling

    Keeping your Giclée print rolled in the tube for too long can make it more difficult to flatten upon framing and can damage the fibers in the long run. We recommend that you frame your artwork as soon as possible or keep it in a flat archival box to avoid damaging your print.

  • Sun Damage

    Our prints are made with the highest-quality paper and pigments. Testings have confirmed a print will not fade for over 100 years, and if cared for properly, the lifecycle of the print doubles. If you wish to place your print in direct sunlight, we recommend using conservation or archival glass to protect your print against harmful UV rays.

  • Framing

    The use of UV acrylic glass is highly recommended in order to protect the print from sun damage. All limited edition prints come with a white border for ease of handling and framing. For bespoke framing, contact us after placing an order. 

PriceFrom $165.00
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