Photograh of Rob Hauer by Josh Soskin

The critics have praised Rob Hauer's cinematographic work for its eloquence and painterly feeling, where each frame is beyond impeccable. We are excited to release Limited Edition Photographs from Robert Hauer that just that, expressive photographs filled with moments of silence and solitude. Every picture in this collection invites us so sincerely into the frame that we wish to stay in it for days and days. We interact with the environment and subjects of these photographs so profoundly that we start to feel their presence. 


Rob Hauer is a California-born cinematographer working globally. An analog man at heart, his photography is exclusively captured on film. 


"Still to this day, nothing speaks to me more than capturing on film. I appreciate grain. I gravitate towards the inherent texture, color depth, and mystery of the film format. A chemical process feels more dimensional and alive to me."


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Chrysler Museum, Black Box Gallery, It’s Only Water Society, Gallery 25N