Born in Torre Annunziata, Naples, in 1991, Serena Salerno began her photographic journey at 18. She started experimenting with her father's cameras that she found around her home. After a while, seeing her growing interest in photography, a friend of hers suggested attending a program in analog photography. She clarifies that it wasn't a school, but an amateur course. Yet, it was enough to create a lifetime romance between her and film photography. 

However, she did go on to attend an advertising photography course at Ilas, a communications school based in Naples. After that, she joined fashion photographer Toni Thorimbert for an internship in Milan. 

She currently lives in Rome, where she works at a photography shop and dedicates herself to her projects. Some of which we are excited to present as fine-art photographic prints, exclusively at Waytoomad. 

In the past, she's participated in photography exhibitions in Naples.