A self-Portrait by Shannon Tomasik, Fine-Art Limited Edition Prints

Shannon Tomasik is an artist from Grand Haven, Michigan. If it weren't for photography, she says, she would probably be making indie movies. After starting her photography business when she was 17, Shannon has continued to create photographs that explore the emotional states and the human condition that allows for a full-bodied interpretation. Shannon makes a unique blend of realism and subjectivity that invokes a specific viewer's feeling in her work. Some questions will arise, and it's for the viewer to answer them when they look at her work on their walls. 

Talking about "Dreamer," the print that's a part of our collection, Shannon says: "I gravitate toward images with contrasting elements. This one stands out to me because of the beautiful light coming in through the window, and then standing in the light is a sad girl (myself). The contrast of light and dark. I’ve always had a desire to express myself, and photography ended up becoming my main tool to do that. Like a lot of artists, I turned to art in dark times, and have found comfort in being able to express my discomfort. It’s been a form of therapy for me to be able to put my focus and energy into making something beautiful out of something that feels really ugly. It may not fix anything, but it at least makes me feel like my time is better spent and worth something."